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Laminate flooring and its Pros and Cons for Your Home

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Lamination of flooring on the residential flooring scene emerged about decades ago, which is an attractive, easy-to-install and durable alternative for getting solid hardwood flooring. Now with various new technologies in place, it has really advanced and hence became a popular choice.

As such, no floor covering can be considered as perfect therefore laminate flooring installation too has few pros and cons that we will discuss in this article. You may visit the website of        Flooring Domain to select the flooring materials of your choice, as they are one of the best suppliers of these materials in Australia.

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Let us first see the pros of laminate flooring.

  1. More affordable

Most people prefer for laminated flooring due to their cost effectiveness. Usually they are made out of waste wood material and cheaper than natural timber.

  1. Extreme resilience

Usually, this composite timber material used in laminate flooring are hard-wearing, but its uppermost layer also offers very good scratch resistance and the colour of floor too will sustain UV rays.

  1. Beautiful appearance

Many laminate floorboards will feature unique type of embossing for accurately mimicking the look and texture of a natural wood.

  1. Easy to maintain

It is easy to maintain cleanliness in laminate flooring. You can easily wipe any spills and marks just by using any soft micro-fibre cloth. All that you need to do is sweep or vacuum away all dirt and dust.

  1. Easy to install

Laminate flooring features simple lock-together type of system that is much easier to use, so you can go in DIY way of installation.

  1. Good stain resistant

With laminated flooring, your floors will not be easily stained and will remain cleaner.

  1. Non allergenic

Also, with this option there is very little chances of getting any allergy problem.

Following are few cons found in laminate flooring:

  1. Refinishing is not possible

A drawback is, after few years if you need to refinish your floor then it will not be possible, as it has been designed for protecting against wearing.

  1. Not moisture proof

Since it is not moisture proof and hence cannot be used in bathrooms.

  1. Appearance looks fake

Often due to extra lamination your wooden shaped floor may appear to be a fake imitation.

  1. Noisy underfoot

While walking on the floor it may create little extra noise.

  1. Presence of chemicals

There is some presence of chemicals and you may feel when they are newly installed.

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