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Epoxy Coating for Garage Floor

epoxy garage flooring

Follow These Steps to Apply Epoxy Coating to Your Garage Floor

If you want to learn the basics of applying an epoxy coating to your garage floor then it is not too difficult to learn. If you surf the internet then you can fish out a lot of useful information to educate yourself.

All that is fine, however, when you suddenly discover during the garage floor epoxy coating that you must know a few more things then you will realize that there are plenty of questions and for that you need an answer.

Generally, you will hear most people call it “epoxy paint,” but in reality paint and epoxy are two different products having different chemical compositions too. Usually, epoxy will create a much tougher coating as compared to paint, but it can be a bit tricky to apply.

The key to success would be thorough slab preparation and a well-organized approach. Also, the application of the epoxy coating on the garage floor can vary from one product to another product, so you must carefully check the instructions about the product that you choose.

The following steps will be involved while applying an epoxy coating to your garage floor:

  1. Clean and degrease the complete floor

To start with, you need to clean the entire floor by either using a broom or with a vacuum cleaner. You can also apply wet mop the area so that there should not be any debris present on the floor.

Use a stiff brush and degreaser to remove grease and rinse the degreaser by using a garden hose and let the floor get dry.

  1. Etch the concrete

Now you must etch your concrete floor by using the necessary etching solution provided along with the kit for epoxy coating and you need to just follow all the manufacturer’s directions. You must also wear all the recommended safety gear during execution.

  1. Prepare the room

Before you apply epoxy, it is necessary to apply wide painter’s tape all along the bottoms of your walls so that it will prevent the coating from going to the wall.

  1. Mix the epoxy

The epoxy consists of 2 parts – a catalyst and a resin and both of them must be thoroughly mixed just before you apply it. You must stir the paint well and start pouring the catalyst and also continue to stir.

After your catalyst container is fully emptied, you must stir for another 3 to 4 minutes until both are thoroughly mixed.

  1. Apply the epoxy

Now start applying your coating when you find that your epoxy mix is fully ready. You will have a maximum of 2 hours to apply your epoxy and during the summer season it can be even less than that. You must also keep your garage very well-ventilated all throughout the application and also during initial curing.

  1. Allow your garage floor to dry

Avoid walking on your new epoxy coated surface for a minimum of 24 hours, rather it will be better to let it dry for a couple of days more before you drive your car inside the garage.

This will complete the process of applying an epoxy coating to your garage floor.