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Floor Tile Removal. Dustless Method

remove old tile floor

Get Floor Tiles Removed Without Creating Mess and Dirt All Over the Place

Tiles are installed on floors because they are strong, durable, and last long. However, sometimes due to wear and tear, installation error, accidents, and natural disasters, these tiles crack or come out from the installed area. It then becomes imperative to floor tile remove and replace them with new ones to give the floor a fresh look. Reinstallation of tiles also increases their durability.  

There are plenty of ways to remove tiles, but most of them require heavy machinery, tools, and equipment. When a jackhammer is used to remove tiles, it spreads too much dust and debris. All the particles are absorbed by the cooling and heating systems and spread in the air and block the air filtration system, which again costs extra money. If you have kids, pets, and adults in your family, dust can cause pollution in the air, which can lead to lung problems. 

Commercial buildings are vacated when tiles are removed, but the same cannot be done at residential places. This is the reason why residential customers go for a dust-free removal process. Some of the commercial projects like hospitals or Nursing Homes also go for a similar removing process.  

Tools and Equipment Required for Dust-Free Tile Extraction

  • The process of dust-free tiles extraction requires an advanced vacuum cleaner that sucks in all dust particles and sediments. The vacuum cleaner should generate 100 CFM – 735CFM suction (depending on the area), otherwise, the machine will not be able to capture dust during the process. 
  • The jackhammer and grinders are attached with the vacuum device to sync it perfectly and collect dust. 
  • During the removal process, all the dust is dragged by the vacuum system instead of spreading in the air.  

Process of Removing Floor Tiles Dust-Free

  • A team of professionals arrives at your place to assess the project and provide an estimated time and price to complete the work. 
  • The professionals cover all furniture and surrounding areas with plastic material to reduce mess and damage. It is done to avoid a 100% chance of dust accumulating on clean surfaces and furniture.
  • A Jackhammer is used to remove the original flooring, but a vacuum is attached to it this time. This is done so that while removing every tile, the dust particle is also sucked out from the environment immediately. This leaves behind clean air to breathe. 
  • Once all the tiles are removed, the floor is smoothened with the grinding machine for new installation. Again, a vacuum machine is attached to the grinder so that all dust and debris are sucked during the process. 
  • Even though the vacuum is used throughout the removal process, the floor tile removing companies ensure that they clean up all the by-products and remaining residue before leaving the project, leaving behind a clean and mess-free project. 

Dust-free floor tile removal and installation service may seem an expensive process, but it is better than all health hazards caused by dust. Families can also stay inside the house in one room while the services are being taken care of. You can browse online and get a reliable company nearby. Check their website to know their pricing detail and all services provided by them then negotiate to get a fair deal. 

Hire a professional removing company 

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